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About the Responsible Thinking Site

People believing things that aren't true has been the cause of wars, persecutions, and other destructive consequences throughout history. Huge sums of money are spent to manipulate our beliefs for the sake of special interests. How big a problem is this? How can we avoid errors and manipulation? What can be done to improve society's concern about truth and responsible thinking?

The material here is a hypertext book that is under construction. In some areas it may only be an outline with brief topic descriptions and in other areas it is more filled out, but there should be plenty of food for thought. Over time more and more sections will be filled out. I hope readers will help out with comments and suggestions.  Email me at RKORN "at" NC.RR.COM .

I'd like to thank John Lindgren for originally hosting this website and providing valuable technical assistance and Cathy Gierke, Dale Heffron, and Michael Grayovski for their valuable suggestions on organization and content.  I'd also like to thank Svetlana Polikarpova for her construction of the introductory page with it's excellent artwork.

Bob Korn