From: Cheri Shallenberger

Good morning -

I came across your site earlier while researching some content that I was writing. You have some really great information and I wanted to ask your policies for linking to other sites as resources.

My name is Cheri Shallenberger with Data Science Explorer - we focus extensively on helping students research higher education and labor trends in the instructional education & learning sectors.

We recently updated our Data Science Education Guides to help job seekers, professionals, and students understand the changing landscapes of these programs and their impact on careers and employment. You can view the guides here:



I saw that you list some great educational resources on this page of your site:

I was just wondering if you could possibly include our Data Science Education Guides as links on this page? They were just recently published with newly sourced data covering degree program info & employment figures - and in our opinion, are much more comprehensive than other resources covering this area.

I really believe that your visitors would find them to be valuable and would make a great addition to your list of resources.

Thank you so much for considering us and please let me know if you have any questions about the site or the content we display on them.

Thanks again and talk soon!

Cheri Shallenberger Senior Editor - Data Science Explorer [P]: (816) 343-4905


Thanks for your interest in Responsible Thinking.

My policy is to post email I receive for the site together with any links that are included, and I'm happy to post yours. I wish you the best with your websites.


Well thank you so much Mr. Korn for the reply & for including us - that really means so much! I do believe your visitors will find them of value & I hope that you have an excellent remainder of the week!