From: Chris Thompson

Hello Bob

And greetings from Catalunya, where the sun shines a little too warmly today.

I agree with your analysis - no problems there.

However, after I read your material, I was left wondering: What now? What, if anything, does Bob want me to do now?

That was far from clear.

I attach a very short "parable" on our world as seen through other eyes.   [attachment]

Very best wishes



I enjoyed reading your parable and looking over a couple of other essays on your website. It seems we both are looking at changing our culture and how people think about things. It’s one thing to set out how we think things ought to be different and why and quite another to get other people to read what we have to say and behave differently because of it. The world is inundated with people who are trying to get their message out to people, mostly by people who are trying to sell things, but also every left wing, right wing, libertarian, and religious zealot and everyone else with a “cause”. I generally like to work on understanding and describing what’s really going on in human affairs, but I’ve never had much taste for or skill at promotion. So that’s the biggest problem – how do we get more people aware and involved? Ultimately I’d hope this or some similar approach to critical thinking could become a recognizable component of public education. While people in power usually have little interest in seeing people think more clearly, I think teachers themselves would approve and might help it to gather momentum.

What you could do depends on what you’re good and and would enjoy doing. If you have suggestions for how I could improve my website I’d be happy to try to incorporate them. If you know of ways to help the site get more traffic that would be very valuable. If you know anybody rich or famous who might want to endorse Responsible Thinking in some form of course I’d love to have you get them on board! (A bit of a long shot to be sure.) But basically I’d be delighted if you just found some of these ideas useful in your own life or relayed them to others.

Thanks for your comments!



I suppose we do what we think we can. Ideally, this will have some beneficial effect. At my age I have learned to expect surprises (there's a bit of the Irish in me!). In other words, I do what I think is my best, and I leave the rest to whatever powers operate in the universe. To date, it seems to have worked.

Best wishes