From: Thomas C. Esakin

29 March 2009

Your "Responsible Thinking" website is simply fantastic.  It offers an important voice in a web-scape that often seems to offer little in the way of directly helping people connect thoughts to actions. 

As a former professor in sustainable development at Universidad del Caribe, the public university in Cancun, I would try to help students in all of my classes connect thinking patterns and ideas to the development of human societies. It actually was a former student of mine who sent me the link to your website, after he decided to do his own Internet research related to thoughts and behaviour. 

In my classes I would put the matter this way:  all personal choices entail consequences, so we as humans might try our best to consciously make only those choices whose consequences we are also consciously willingly to live with.

Thank you for your "thoughtful" leadership as demonstrated through the creation of your fine web-site.

Thomas C. Esakin

"The shortest and surest way to honour in the world is to be in reality what one would appear to be." (Plato)


Thanks for your kind comments.  We are fortunate to have educators like you who inspire students to help make a better world.  I wish you the best,

Bob Korn