From: Laraine Flemming

Hi, I write textbooks, one of them is on critical thinking, I sometimes teach critical thinking in terms of the logical fallacies, but recently, I have been thinking and talking a lot about how to make critical thinking relevant to students. Thus I have been doing more on ethical decision making in my textbooks. But on reading what you wrote on your site, it occurs to me that a better way to address critical thinking is precisely as you suggest: To encourage the examination of one's own beliefs and question just how "responsible," or well thought out they truly are. Unless you write me and tell me not to, I'm going to link my web site to yours to encourage instructors who visit my site to read what you say because 1) it makes so much sense and 2) it gives them a way to make students give a hoot about thinking more critically. The standard explanation has been arguments such as, "Now you will be able to better examine a political candidate's political platform." Yeah right, and on what planet are we located? Long story not even remotely short, I think your site is knock out. Thank you so much. P.S. And yes I will also take into account that I would do well to examine my own thinking. Your site is an excellent reminder for instructors always concerned with identifying irrational or irresponsible thinking in the minds of others.