From: Gerald Backus

Hello Bob Korn,

I have been reading and thinking about articles of your site and find that many of your ideas coincide with my own.  I also have begun to realize the importance of responsible thinking in our world.  I read and discuss your articles with my friends and students.  We all agree that they are well written.

Have you ever considered opening a forum on your site?  I would find it stimulating to express ideas with people, who share such views on our minds and the world. 


Gerald Backus


Thanks very much for your comments on my site.  The idea of a forum is a good one and I'll look into it.  For the time being I'm a little concerned about whether these is enough traffic on the site to have much of a discussion, so finding ways to publicize the site might have to take a higher priority.  In addition I'm hoping to get back to work and provide some fresh material on some of the many topics that need expansion.

If you have some comments you'd like to make on particular issues, I'd be happy to post them in the mail section as long as we lack an automatic system.  I really appreciate your feedback as it helps motivate me to move this project along.