From: Dr. T. Habib

Dr. Korn,

I came across your website and was struck by the ease of understanding and relatability. Your voice and insights are what we need more of - today, right now, immediately.

 Any chance you'd be willing to participate in a community project to discuss your insights on a more current platform that attends to the culture wars we face today?  If so, just respond via email. 

Dr. T. Habib

Dr. Habib,

Thanks for your kind comments about Responsible Thinking.

What sort of project are you suggesting?  Could you tell me a little about your background?

Bob Korn

Absolutely and thank you for replying!

I began on an online platform "" to bring people together - citizens, their leadership, police, neighbors, and church leaders in response to the Floyd crisis and subsequent failures that abounded. I share this project with 2 team members and we are all Doctors of Strategic Leadership with military backgrounds. I am the ring leader, so to speak, and work actively to keep people communicating in healthy ways. I believe that is how we overcome distrust and build better relationships.

I engaged via zoom interviews for several months, which served our purpose well during the pandemic. We reached several police departments, families, and individuals who feel invested to be part of the healing process for race tensions. Some would rather stick to their perception that police are racist and can't be trusted, some blame the Founding Fathers for all of our ailments, some blame white generational wealth, many blame national leadership, etc.....  I am learning so much, but I cannot bring light to these topics alone!

Once I read through your writings, I realized I could never speak so eloquently about how to influence critical thinking skills. We sure need your voice on a megaphone these days!!!
If anything, I would absolutely love it if you could zoom with us and talk about your perspectives - race tensions, politics, media, policing, critical thinking, etc.....
I am always looking for guest bloggers- something to do in your downtime if you have it!  :)   I need all the help I can get.
Thank you again and I hope I've answered your inquiries to your satisfaction!