From: Lauren Jackson


My name is Lauren Jackson and I wanted to provide feedback on your page, I'm not sure if you're the right person to contact, but I wanted to tell you that since I have been working on creating some new articles about the evolution and creationism debate, your page was a great source of information.

As a thank you, I thought I would pass along this additional resource I have been using as well in case you were looking to add more to your page. I have been using material from this page, It has a ton of great creationism and evolution resources that you and your users may find useful!

Thanks Again :)


I’m glad you found some of the material in my discussion with Mr. Nitardy useful.  Also, thanks for the link to the evolution and creationism site.  I looked through it for a little while and it looks like a very good resource.  If you’re not already familiar with them, Richard Dawkins’ books (most recently “The Greatest Show on Earth”) are excellent sources of information about evolution and the controversies around it, and I’d particularly recommend Kenneth Miller’s book “Finding Darwin’s God.”  

One thing that troubles me in the evolution debate is that so often the actual evidence for evolution often gets lost in abstract debates about things like legalities, what is considered science, and compatibility between science and religion.  If I were someone with modest knowledge of biology who tended to trust religious sources, this might strike me as a bunch of authorities with an agenda trying to force their opinion on me.  But if people had any idea of the quantity and quality of evidence evolution is based on, I expect all but a handful of the most diehard fanatics would have no trouble accepting evolution.  Unfortunately the evidence is complex enough that it can’t be reduced to the bumper sticker level that too often passes for debate, but most of it could be easily understood by any high school student willing to put in some time examining it.  Dawkins’ books tend to be long and detailed and he is known as an atheist advocate, so he probably doesn’t win many converts though he is a great source of information.  But Kenneth Miller (a key witness at the Dover, PA trial) believes in God (he’s Catholic) but tackles the creationist arguments head-on with clear and devastating evidence.  Even in the second half of the book where he is saying evolution is consistent with religion (I don’t necessarily agree), he continues to demolish creationist/intelligent design claims.  

Thanks for writing!  

Bob Korn