I concede that I apparently have not made my case well enough to convince you of anything whether fact, concept or explanation, even though all my arguments have been logical, rational etc. I have quoted humanists and evolutionists. I have presented historical facts. I have shown how the ACLU is anti-Christian. I have presented statistical information to support my case. I have shown a book full of facts why macro-evolution is not true. I have presented solid information why evolution goes against the 2nd law of thermodynamics and entropy.

I was planning to present to you great evidence that the Bible which supports Theism is true and how its effects are all good in terms of supporting a goodness statistic for mankind and how the effects of Humanism, the parallel and opposite philosophy, are all bad in terms of a goodness statistic for mankind. However, if you can't even see that entropy flies in the face of evolution and see that evolutionists have no explanation for how external energy can be converted into the type of ultra sophisticated information that can form life and take it from a less complicated to a more complicated form, the remainder of my case will be no more accepted than what I have already presented already.

Even though you are free to assert that I have not made my case, I believe the very fact that you have taken a stand that is 180 degrees in opposition to everything I presented regarding the truth of Theism and the lack of any truth supporting humanism is evidence of the truth of my case that only truth and a religious rebellion against it can be an explanation for such opposition.

So, I believe any further rational appeal to your intellect will be counter productive. That only leaves an appeal to your conscience.

Your belief based upon the rejection of the existence God and God, if he does exist, leaves man with no purpose, no hope and no basis for any justice that results in the concept of fairness. It makes a goodness statistic irrelevant. It leaves me with no reason to try to convince you of the truth for two reasons. I would have no basis for motivation and nothing to promote because real absolute truth would not exist. The motivation is similar to all those sales calls I get offering something for nothing. You can be assured that they are not calling to help me, but to help them.

This whole philosophy can only result in self gratification, exploitation and despair. As I stated earlier, this makes man a god unto himself and disconnects any responsibility toward his fellow man.

This is basically the choice that myself, you and others must make. Do we want to accept God or be God. The Bible presents this concept in the beginning of the Bible with both Lucifer and Eve and continues to edify us throughout the Bible on this concept. Can't you see this choice in your own life and in others? I certainly can see it. I struggle with it everyday. I have something in me that wants to be God irregardless of the fact that I believe in the true God. The apostle Paul stated he struggled with the same issue. Apparent design is everywhere around me. The Bible says this testifies to him as the creator. It does to me.

It is my hope and prayer is that you will have a change of heart that, as Paul says, will renew your mind. I believe that is the only difference between the way you see things and the way I see them. Based upon the Bible and what I believe, you will confess that God is Lord. The difference is if you don't do it before it is too late, that you will also have to admit to yourself that you have been rebelling against God and will full understand that your punishment for rebelling against your creator and your God is just and deserved.

If this makes any sense now or if any of the rational arguments I have made begin to make sense to you, I would sure like to hear from you and would like to meet you. Alternatively, with no common ground between us, continued discussion seems fruitless for both of us.

However, if you have any specific questions you think I could answer I would be happy to try to answer them?

God bless you and you will be in my prayers,

Bill Nitardy

[Attached were Bill's replies to my comments on Henry Morris.  Email me if interested]