Attached is part of Parallel and Opposite Worldview Philosophy Diagram that identifies the foundations that support humanism and Theism. The diagram also includes evidence bullets for both biological macro evolution that supports humanism and the Bible that supports Theism. In this section I would like to address the issues of evidence by expanding on the bullets on the diagram. However, because of the large quantity of information and the time required for me generate the information and also for you to digest and discuss the information, this section will only cover evidences for evolution.

Also attached are an introduction and one document for each evolution evidence bullet on the diagram.

Below, I copied part of the document for the last bullet to help you identify how high of a criteria bar such a fairy tale. Strobel said, "If I were to embrace Darwinism and its underlying premise of naturalism, I would have to believe that:"

I am interested in what criteria level you chose.


[ATTACHMENTS:  This letter came with 13 word attachments, totaling about 55 pages which is too much to post here.  Below are links to his diagram and his introduction.  Those who are interested in the remaining documents and my replies to them, please send me an email.]

Evidence Diagram  [This omits "pillars" that Bill had cleverly drawn with some sort of text graphics that unfortunately I was unable to reproduce in web form.]

Evidence for Evolution Introduction