From: Narcisco Rivas

I finish reading your book.

Your books is excellent.

I have a few question about things that I have seen on the internet.

What do you know about the new world order theory?

Do governments control the world?

What do you know about the free masons and other secret societies?

There is this speaker named david icke. I don't believe in 60 to 70 percent in what he says. But I do believe that we have to question popular beliefs.

What is your knowledge about david icke?

What is your knowledge about 9/11 and some peoples theories about that it was all a conspiracy about the goverment?

I ask you these questions because you might have already investigated these theories in search for truth about them.


The term new world order and David Icke sounded vaguely familiar but I googled them just to see what was up. Personally I think both new world order and Icke’s claims are complete nonsense. Sure governments control the world, but mainly in ways that are obvious to everybody. I don’t think secret societies are of any particular importance. Freemasonry has been around for a long time but I don’t think they control anything. It would take an incredible amount of power to fake all the apparent political structures while really manipulating things behind the scenes. Any person or group that could do that could more easily tell us that we should just obey or die. The charade would simply not be necessary.

While powerful people will collude for mutual gain, they also are very much rivals who want to take over the power the others have. The complex world situation with many factions fighting other factions seems very realistic to me. Nothing about it suggests that there is some masterful group controlling it all.

I have some familiarity with the 9/11 truth movement. I watched one of the internet movies they put together. In it they showed clips of the WTC buildings falling straight down alternately with controlled demolitions that looked similar because those buildings also fell straight down. But I looked closer and noticed that with the actual controlled demolitions all the floors fell at the same time – the second floor started falling at the same time as the top floor started falling. But when the WTC buildings collapsed, the lower floors stayed in place until the floors from above the crash got down to them. The WTC was not a controlled demolition and I could see that by looking at a movie made by the people who thought it was. But there are many other reasons I don’t think 9/11 was planned by our government. One reason is that it would be just plain stupid to do a controlled demolition when there are already planes crashed into the buildings. What’s the point? Would they be trying to make it look suspicious? If I wanted to fake a terrorist attack, I’d just put a huge bomb under the building and let it fall which ever way it fell. There’d be no need for planes, and it would be a lot less work than planting explosives on every floor. And only complete idiots would demolish building 7 when no plane crashed into it and it’s not a building almost anybody ever heard of before so it wouldn’t be a terrorist target.

But maybe the most important reason this wasn’t an inside job is that the people suspected (like Dick Cheney) already have positions of incredible power and it would be stupid to risk that given that they would almost certainly get caught and wind up in prison or worse. The problem with this and most conspiracy theories is that they involve too many people who might give it away. I’m perfectly willing to believe people like Cheney who have clawed their way to positions of great power might be willing to kill lots of people to further increase that power. And virtually anybody in politics would be willing to lie about what they’re doing or participate in a cover-up. But you can’t involve hundreds of people in a plot that involves murder and expect them all to go along with it.

There are lots of conspiracies that involve small numbers of people. The WTC attack by Muslim fanatics, the Lincoln assassination and the Watergate break-in were all conspiracies but they involved relatively small numbers of people. But any conspiracy that involves large numbers of people with varied backgrounds would be bound to fail. Most people put too much trust in authorities, so it’s good to be skeptical about them. The trouble is there are some people who become so proud of how “open minded” they are that they really love to believe claims that strongly contradict traditional beliefs. The claims are exciting and make the believer feel important because they have secrets other people need to know. Such people wind up so emotionally attached to their unconventional theory that they’re more closed-minded than the conventional people. I think it’s always worth giving some thought to highly unusual ideas, but we should also recognize they’re rarely actually true, so we have to be very cautious. When I was young I’d get excited about something like flying saucers, but I was always disappointed since none of these ever wound up being confirmed. Now that we have the internet it’s not hard to research both sides of questions like this. Look for the best discussions you can find for each side, try to avoid having an emotional stake in one side or the other, and see what you find. Maybe you’ll wind up being undecided, but that’s a lot better than making up your mind without enough evidence.


The reason I ask you these questions is because their are so many ideas that circulate in this world and lots of people around my enviroment dont really think outside the box or dont really care about the truth. So you are one of the few people that I know of that trys to seek factual information.

Thanks Mr. Korn