From: Van Robison

 Dear Bob Korn,

 I happened upon your website today for the first time and as usual would like to comment on the subject of "thinking."

Of course all children are programmed and indoctrinated from youth by their parents, by their school teachers, by their religious environment and so forth.  In a manner, that foundation is a wall and barrier to responsible thinking, at least in some ways.

It is rare for humans to subject themselves to reading books and material that differs with their preconceived beliefs.   As a 73-year old man, I have found in the course of life that humans are lied to up one side and down the other in countless ways.  Lies and propaganda come through the major "news" media, through Hollywood propaganda movies, through political speeches, through man-made religions (which is all religions) and through the Internet, television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books and all forms of human communication.

Who has not heard that the "victors" of wars, write the history books to which all school children are programmed to believe?  Well, lets be totally realistic and state that every nation and every people who are destroyed by superior forces, need to be heard.  Why is this?   Because those who win wars always lie, always demonize those they want destroyed and always fabricate falsehoods.  The "victors" of wars are never saints and they often torture, rape, terrorize, starve to death and brutalize their "enemies."

Unfortunately when humans are told thousands of times that a certain event has only one way of looking at it, it is very difficult for that mind-bombardment to ever accept that there are other views.   From my perspective it is easy to see when a person speaks, that what they are saying is merely a regurgitation and parroting of what they have heard from the "news" media, the power-mongers, the government and the establishment.

A specific example is of course the official government fairytale about 9/11 and as totally backed by the highly controlled propaganda "news" media.

Take another example and how many millions of human being have been told
 by preachers that "the Bible is infallible and inerrant", and yet that phrase is not to be found in the Bible itself.

If an adult human being had the ability to clear his or her mind of all the input into their thinking, and did the in depth research on any given subject matter, viewing all sides, then most likely that person would be seen as a "heretic" for their views, for the simple reason that that person would never believe anything that is promoted as "the truth" by the information control freaks of the world.

Responsible thinking does not parrot the status quo, but instead digs deep for answers and truth.  To say that things just happen and have no behind the scenes hidden motives or secret agendas, is simply naive.  It matters not that truth to liars is classified as "conspiracy nuts."

The world is an ocean of false-flag operations, where the perpetrators are doing dastardly deeds, but blaming the innocent and for very hidden motives.  Only the naive would believe the "news" media about these dastardly deeds.

Somehow in someway human beings are going to have to find a peaceable way, in which to dismantle the idea that violence and war is the solution to anything on planet earth. War is NEVER for the purposes put forth to the public.   Wars always have a hidden agenda and war is about geography, oil, mineral wealth, power, control, banking, finances and world domination.   Demonizing national leaders as an excuse for genocide is the stuff we read about in the Old Testament, except in that case we read that "God commanded" it.  Pure nonsense!

Religions are all man-made and they are cause for much human suffering.   "Holy" books are not "Holy" and there is no place on earth that is "Holy", other than in the minds of the religiously indoctrinated.

At no time has God Almighty appeared to any of us and so much as ever said one word, so then why should anyone believe that "Holy" books speak for or represent God to humans? Nonsense!

Every human on earth is influenced by other humans and we all reflect some degree of input into our thinking from others, even when we have no way of proving that what we think or believe is true.

The "Civil" war in the United States was of course a devastating destruction of human life, property and had no real "victors."  Nevertheless the "history" books the schools teach from are not penned by the South, but by the North and the Federal Government.  Let it be said that the South should have a voice and not be suppressed or censored, because the vanquished in all wars are human beings, just as much as those who are the supposed "victors."  There is NO REASON to fear truth, but when humans are silenced and are not allowed to voice their opinions, and their views, then the only reason those in power disallow opposition is because THEY FEAR TRUTH.

Truth is the most feared concept to those who wield power over the people.   Whistle-blowers are really heroes who expose corruption and evil, but are always demonized by the psychopaths who have no conscience.   All military personnel are pawns in the hands of their handlers.  The whole world would be a better place to live if 100% of the military on planet earth were abolished and dismantled from existence.   Spying and "intelligence" is not intelligent, it is just the insanity of a world gone mad.

Will humans ever have peace on earth?  Most likely not.   The reason is because the type of people who gravitate to power and control have no conscience and they are narcissistic. Their only concern and interest in life is their own self.  Government has no clue what the purpose of human life is for and neither does the "news" media or the Hollywood film industry that wallows in violence and propaganda.

What is the purpose of human life?  For sure it is not for violence or war or lies or propaganda.  Life's purpose is for LOVE, COMPASSION, MERCY, EMPATHY and HUMILITY.  Life is for living, not for death and destruction.  Life is for positive and constructive purposes that are for the good of all.

Government by its very nature is compulsion and force and violence, therefore government has no clue what life is all about.   Taxation is armed robbery and therefore is a form of violence.  Enforcement is compulsion and violence and therefore does not serve the common human being, but serves the State, who is the false god of all those involved in enforcement.

Naturally no human has the right to violate another human being, to steal, to kill, to rape, to torture or to in anyway harm another and yet government does all of that in the name of "its the law."   The hard truth is that government is a criminal and because it has power, it does as it pleases, no matter what.

Well, I could go on an on, but no matter who voices their opinions, nothing ever changes and the world just goes on its its insanity no matter who is in power.   Why would Hillary want to be President?  The simple answer, is because she wants to go down in history as the first woman to ever be President of the U.S.   Most of us have no such desires and we are not driven by lust for power over others.

As far as I am concerned the government has no credibility, the "news" media has no credibility, the movie industry has no credibility, the pharmaceutical drug empire has no credibility, the cancer industry has no credibility, the war industry has no credibility, religions have no credibility and no one on earth is credible unless they promote REAL TRUTH, no wars, no censorship, no suppression, no lies, no propaganda, no false- flag operations, no spying, no military, no violence and government reduced to no power over the people.

Government if for any reason it should exist at all, should be SERVANTS, not dictators and no politician should be paid, nor receive benefits from taxation.  I suggest that ALL politicians serve no more than one year and without pay, including the so called "President."  I suggest that the "Supreme Court" be abolished, because it is not supreme, it is just a dictatorship.   I suggest stop all donations to every other nation on earth and no exceptions.  I suggest ending all lobby groups and all special interest groups in politics.  I also suggest that absolutely nothing be done behind closed doors and everything be video taped for the whole world to view on a daily basis.  I also suggest that every enforcer be video taped and all video tapes be made available to the general public daily.  No enforcer in any capacity should be allowed to accost a human being without sound and live video to be reviewed by the public.  All enforcers should work for the people and never for the government.

Does anyone on planet earth have workable solutions to the madness that grips the world, because of lust for $wealth and control and power?  Government is not God, it just thinks that it is.

All the best,

Van Robison


Thanks for your email.

There's a lot we agree about - indoctrination is bad, almost anybody  in power may be a liar (or be mistaken), the Bible is very fallible,  war is about power and control and the general population on either  side rarely benefits.

There are couple of your points I'd like to comment on.  You mention  "the official government fairytale about 9/11."  You don't say what  you think actually happened, but I'm guessing you agree with the "9/11  Truth" claims that the WTC was brought down by controlled demolitions  instigated by our government.  If so, I disagree.

I am perfectly willing to believe that people (like Dick Cheney) who have risen to levels of awesome power may have gotten there partly  through ruthlessness and thus are far more likely than most of us to be willing to commit atrocities.  I also recognize that the WTC attack greatly strengthened the administration's popular support and  political power, so it would have a motive to do something like this.  But the evidence doesn't support this idea.

First, I watched one of the "Truth" videos in which clips of controlled demolitions were shown interspersed with clips of WTC towers collapsing. They looked similar because in all cases the buildings fell straight down. But careful attention to one of the WTC clips showed that the part of the building below the crash floor did not fall until the upper part of the building fell into it.  In all the demolitions, the bottom floors began falling at the same time as the upper floors.  The WTC collapse was not a controlled demolition.

Second, even if the administration was evil, it wasn't stupid.  If it wanted to fake a terrorist attack they would have used a large bomb at the bottom of the building or used some other method.  It would be ridiculous to go to all the trouble of setting up a controlled demolition both because it would have involved lots of people unnecessarily, very likely would be detected beforehand, and would look suspicious.  Involving airliners involves many more people unnecessarily and risks lots of things going wrong.

Finally, conspiracies cannot survive undetected when they involve a large number of people, particularly when you need to recruit people to commit mass murder.  Even most diehard loyalists would not want to be involved in this.  If even one person talked, the whole thing would fail and everyone involved would go to prison. Threatening participants would not work since many would realize that their lives are in less danger once the secret is known.

Anybody powerful enough to pull this off would be powerful enough to just tell us they were in control and there's nothing we can do about it.

I also am curious about your statement that "taxation is armed robbery." This sounds like a view I've heard from some avid libertarians.  While it would be nice not to have taxation, it seems necessary to have a successfully functioning modern society.  I have heard libertarian fundamentalists claim we could have a wonderful society in the absence of government, but their arguments strike me as totally unrealistic.  If somebody can make a convincing case that this will work I'll happily jump on board. Until then, we should do our best to see that money raised by the government is spent wisely, and I'm sure you agree there is a lot of room for improvement.

Distrust of people in power is wise, as long as it is part of a strategy to use all the tools at our disposal to separate fact from fiction from what we're not sure about.

Thanks again for writing!


Hi Bob,

Thanks for writing.  Well, as an avid reader on countless websites I have to say that the issue of 9/11 is covered by such an endless parade of sources, that I would only advise anyone to dig and dig deep, because there are many professionals in many branches of building
construction, the military, the government and sources around the world that detail encyclopedias of information about it.

On taxation, of course it will never go away, but government should be reduced by about 90% and the waste would stop.

All the best,