From: Bartłomiej Stobiecki

Hello !

Are You the one who made the whole Responsible Thinking Site ?
Excellent job then ! Been reading it since I was a teenager and I couldn't find anything better to feed my awareness. Tried to convert the work to Microsoft Word (for private use) with limited success ;-)

I have submitted Your site to the biggest web directory in the world, the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) where it resides under the Critical Thinking category, for more details see:

However Your site appears to be dead at the moment as our (DMOZ) robots can't even connect to ;-(

And now I can read it only through Web Archive services...

Any information about it ? Maybe you have a printable version too ? Cheers ! 


Open Directory Project Editor: bjfs.

You found the right person!  Unfortunately the site is currently down.  I'm looking into finding a new hosting provider and hope to have it up withing a few days.  I'll email you as soon as it is running.
I don't currently have a printable version but I'll consider trying to provide that in the future.
Thanks very much for your interest and for including my site on DMOZ!
Bob Korn

Thanks very much for your interest and for including my site on DMOZ!
No problem, social service ;-)
I can provide a mirror site if you need one, maybe two (located in Poland, European Union). Heck, I'd like to have the entire work on my hard drive ;-P

I've got truthpizza back up on the new host!  Thanks for the offer of a mirror site, but I doubt there's a need for that for the time being.  Let me know if you have any ideas on how to make the site better!

Maybe, in:

Where "Sites linking to Responsible Thinking" add reference to:

and/or show your support for the Open Directory by using the data at

-- -- --

And, of course, the printable version ;-)

Maybe the ability to show the whole site on one page, or have it included in PDF or ODT.

Translations maybe ?

Bartłomiej - Internet Society Poland

I've included the links you suggested.  I've got some printer-friendly versions of pages for my own use and I'll see about  doing more of them and including them on the site.  Translation is a good idea but I think that's a lot further down the road.  Thanks for the suggestions!