From: Svetlana Polikarpova


I had visited your site and read your expanding book. I was delighted to find a point of view so similar to my own! I believe that, yes, the best protection from sensationalism, con artists, and propaganda is in education. But, oh, it is so difficult to change any particular wrong opinion on the basis of new information. My convictions had to change from communism to libertarianism to somewhere in the neighborhood of fiscal conservative and social liberal in just a dozen years. The most unpleasant part of it was a haunting feeling: "How stupid I must have been believing in that nonsense!" Your work reminded me that I probably try to avoid the same admission and look the other way from many new experiences and new information. I will try to "think around" more responsibly.

Thank you for the pleasure of visiting your site.

I also have a suggestion with a JPG extension. I would be happy to design the front page for your site (with mouse over/mouse down events, with inserted links and an HTML file ready to upload). I am sending you one of possible compositions. It is just a picture; if you like it I will optimize it and do everything else.

Svetlana Polikarpova

[note: Svetlana designed the excellent graphics which are on the initial page of this site! - RKK]