From: Victoria Watkins

Dr. Korn,

I am a student at Berry College, and I am working with a professor to start up an undergraduate research journal. Part of my job this summer has been to put together some training materials for the students we will be hiring to review submissions. I came your website (, and I was wondering if I could use some of the information form your site to train the reviewers we will eventually hire. My professor and I would like to put together a training manual that we can print and distribute for training purposes. We will not be charging any sort of fee for the training manual but will simply be using it as a teaching aid. Would I be able to include some of your information in our training manual? 


Thank you,

Victoria Watkins
Executive Editor
UBER Journal
Campbell School of Business
Berry College

I am happy to grant you permission to use whatever material you need from my website for your manual.  Good luck with your project!
Bob Korn